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So many fathers these days are willing to take a back seat when raising their kids and even use their children as an excuse for getting out of shape, not spending time with other men and not succeeding in other arenas in life. This complete and utter bullshit. Our children are the exact reason why these things are essential. You can’t lead your family as effectively as you could if these aspects of your life are not given time and effort.
You can choose to ignore any of them and sure, you can still be a good father, but you aren’t here because you just want to be a “good “father or a “nice” guy. You are here because you want to be the best father and husband you are capable of, and that doesn’t come because of talent or luck or birthright. It has got to be earned. So let’s look at the three words that we here at The Dad syndicate believe encapsulate a man who effectively leads his family.

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Tom’s two cents, and Bert’s food pyramid


Dads, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Bert puts a completely different spin on the food pyramid. Tom gives us some solid insight into how the unhealthy dependencies we have developed through childhood and into manhood can have a negative impact on the way we show up in the areas we claim are most important.


This episode also signals The Dad Syndicate kicking off 2 new short and info-packed podcast episodes a week. Bert’s Brute Health will provide you with everything, and we mean everything you need as a dad to step up in the physical health arena so that you can live a long happy life and enjoy the best physical conditioning possible without sacrificing all the things that make living worthwhile and setting you up for failure by encouraging you to find quick fixes you can’t maintain.


Consistency is key to Brute Health, and that’s what Bert will be giving you in 10 to 15 minutes each week. Also, look out for Tom’s Two Cents every Saturday morning to set us up to own our roles as dads on the weekend, and get us in the best mindset possible to make our way intentionally through each weekend as present fathers.


Season 1, Episode 20

Meet The Hosts

Tom Kingwell

Tom Kingwell

Bertus Coetzer

Bertus Coetzer

A heartfelt welcome from both of us to all you awesome dads. Here is a short “who’s who” Bertus A.K.A Bert is a born South African, corn fed and raised on farm, explains why he’s the more quiet one here. He’s been living in Thailand for the past 10 years with his wife, Son aged 3 and daughter aged 1. A teacher, nutritionist and Strength and conditioning coach, a prolific reader and aspiring polymath. Oh yes, and he makes soap.

Then we have Tom Kingwell the…

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