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The 7 Arenas of a father’s life

“What are the areas of a man’s life that are most significant and will help us identify where we might be falling short.  What areas, will assist us in becoming self-aware in order to develop strategies and solutions to move us closer to our goal of being men and fathers of excellence?”

This is the question I asked myself when I pondered on designing a plan to implement effective changes in my life as a husband and father and get the best results. 

So we devised this list of 7 ARENAS OF A MAN’S LIFE that he should aim to achieve self-mastery.

As you go through the list, you will undoubtedly identify arenas that you are dominating in and others that require a little or a lot of work.

This makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what is lacking and think about the actions we can take to master these essential areas of our lives. It is possible and desirable for us to achieve self-mastery in each of these arenas.

It won’t be easy and it will take time. But step by step we will see the improvements we have worked for and start reaping the benefits of living a life of true meaning and purpose lived in integrity with our potential as men and fathers.


Fitness, Diet and Nutrition, Mindset, Meditation and Mental health, Dad Chef

One arena of life that a man can take immediate control over is his physical conditioning. We all need to keep coming back to this area of our lives.  It is vital to develop and maintain our physical health. It is the cornerstone on which we build success in each of the other arenas. Confidence starts here. Get it done.


Sports,  Hobbies, Handyman,

Every man needs to have something to escape into. Every man needs to become skilful in certain areas to build the competency that leads to confidence. Being able to share these interests and capabilities with our children provides another opportunity to bond and also to share life lessons with them. The commitment focused attention and hard work involved in mastering a sport, hobby or the ability to fix things up when it is required is essential to us operating to our fullest potential.


Kids through the stages, Career , Finance, Best Books,

Knowledge is only power when it drives action. Nevertheless as men we should be knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, in order to take action to provide security and safety for our families. We should be constantly acquiring knowledge and know how that will aid us in this pursuit. 


Daily plans, Morning Routine, Supplements, Technology, Dadstyle

We’ve heard it said countless times. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. We may get lucky here and there and feel we have it together…more or less. But we are not here to make up the numbers, rely on luck. We are here to take control, to hit it out of the park. This is the only game. There is no extra time or play-offs. THIS IS THE FINAL! We need to plan our lives in a way in order to set ourselves and our family up for success. 


Daughters, Sons, Marriage, Tribe, Community, Emotional intelligence, Communication

Modelling healthy relationships for our children is essential for them to build these relationships outside of the family unit. As men, it is our responsibility to develop good relationships in all areas of our lives. All these connections have a knock-on effect that end up influencing how we relate to our children and partners. 


At Home, work, other men, in your community, in society

The world needs more men who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, get behind how they think the world should be and committed to what needs to change. But, before we change the world, let’s start a little closer to home – learning to lead ourselves. That is what these 7 arenas are about. Once you have mastered those, you will be worth following and your children, wife, friends, colleagues and then eventually your community and society as a whole will hear and more importantly see you are a man of honour, strength and integrity. 


Mountains, forests, oceans, deserts, camping, hiking and survival skills

It might seem peculiar that we have chosen The Great Outdoors as one of the 7 main arenas of life that a man needs to master. It really shouldn’t. Spending time outdoors has such a positive impact on our physiology and mental state, not to mention that it provides a healthy and exciting outlet for our children’s energy, replacing the extensive time our children are spending in front of screens and spending indoors. 

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