About Us

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Why Us?

We fully embrace being a Dad, the walk, the talk, and being the role model for our kids. We take action, we take responsibility, we become the person that every kid looks up too. 

Exceptional Food Ideas

Healthy recipes for Dads and the family that want to live healthier & active lives. No boring food here. Only creative, healthy eating on a practical budget.


24/7 Support Availability

We don’t just want to add you to our numbers, we want to share our time and experience with you personally as you craft the life you are capable of having. We have expertise across the board, from health and nutrition to education, to family court and divorce, and it is our objective to provide the best and timely support as you navigate your way to becoming truly DadStrong.


Supporting Single/Married Dads

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Great Dad Stories

Stories about Dads by dads for dads. 

Our Founders

Tom Kingwell

Educator of Dads

Bertus Coetzer

Resident Nutritionist & Coffee Nerd