About Tom

Hi, DadStrong founder Tom Kingwell here. I am the lucky dad to  4 children. My twins, Tyler and Sofia, aged 8, are from my previous marriage and I have a 3-year-old son James and a 1-year-old daughter called Lilah with my wife Lisa. 

As a 5th grade teacher and full-time dad, I am passionate about encouraging fellow dads to find their meaning in serving their families with everything they do. In this world where so many men are lost in a purpose vacuum, putting your time, energy and hard work into raising your children to be competent, confident and content adults is all the “why” you need to live the best life we are capable of. 

I see being the father, husband and man my family need and deserve as a puzzle, the pieces of which we need to discover, uncover or create. Becoming DADSTRONG requires intentionality, presence and the willingness to take action wherever it is required and to stick with those actions for the long term, even when gains are not evident over the short term.

I am looking forward to working with each man that joins us on this mission to true Love, Leadership and Legacy.