To all the dads out there, a warm welcome to Dad Strong. I’m Bertus Coetzer but you all can call me Bert.

I’m the proud dad of two kiddos. My son Daniel, aged 4, and daughter Abigail, aged 2. Oh, yes, and my wife Lulu, before I forget her and sleep in the dog’s bed tonight.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been living in Thailand and moved back to our home country, South Africa in March. I’m a Certified Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning coach. I specialize in diabetes and cancer nutrition and aspire to be the best dad and husband there can be. With that said, being the perfect dad doesn’t exist. That is why we are here to share what we learn along the road to try to be our best and share that with all you fellow dads.

If you have any nutritional or sports performance questions, don’t be shy to hit us a DM.